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moon shots


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Sep 1, 2007
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Council Bluffs, Iowa
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I have a sp 550 uz olympus this camera will take 18 optic zoom and that is what I'm trying to do but i get very very erattic focus on these shots. My camera has always seemed to be deficient in focus though.
My camera is set on 'A' and i have taken moon shots from an aperture setting at 'F8'
and I have the exposure setting at -2 up to 0. I set the camera on time lapse and one minute for 20 shots .... only about 2 of the 20 are in focus at all and NOne of them are good focus. what am I doing wrong ?

My pics are right here ...

Pictures by tbrownarcher - Photobucket

Does you camera have a manual setting? If it does than Shutter Speed: 1/125-1/250 and aperture f/8, and ISO at the lowest. Also if you can manual focus then set it on infinity focus
Jaszek is exactly right nate..:thumbup:

The moon is very bright......just because we see it at night leads us to the wrong conclusion.

The "shine" from the moon is caused by the sun shining on it, just like the sun shines on an object on earth, plus it is moving... You need a typical "bright sun" aperture, and a shutter speed that will stop the movement..

So, yes f-8 at 1/125/ ISO100 is a good start... A full moon, perhaps f-16..

Try a shutter speed at 1/125 and bracket around f-8, then do it again at 1/250........ I'm sure that you will find some that will please you..
Here are a couple I just stepped outside and snapped.............

F8 at 1/125 on the first, and f-11 @ 1/125 on the second..



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