Moon-Venus Occultation from Wednesday


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Aug 1, 2006
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Boulder, CO, USA
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Okay, I SWEAR I posted this Wednesday night, but I cannot find ANY record of it - not even in my internet browser history. Sigh. So ...

On Wednesday, for viewers across most of Canada, the Western US, and parts of Mexico, the moon occulted (covered) Venus for a period of time ranging anywhere from just a few minutes (sorry Mexico) to over an hour (yay Canada!).

I tried out several lenses - a 200mm, a 1000mm, and an 18" telescope. I settled on the 1000mm at the end. Of course, I was in the process of switching between the 1000mm and the 18" 'scope during those few seconds where the actual lit part of Venus was heading behind the moon.

Shot details are each shot is a median-combination of 5 shots at 1/125th sec, f/16 (fixed aperture lens), ISO100, through the 1000mm lens. I really don't care for the way I set up the montage, so if any of you graphics folks have layout suggestions, PLEASE let me know. The single shot I'm posting is from JUST before Venus went behind the moon.


Nice work.

I wish I could have photographed this too. I had to work... Too bad, because the weather here was perfect.
Nice series :) I'm not a graphic designer either, but I think your layout here is fine :)

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