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    I have been using a Slik u212 for a few years now, it has a 3 way panhead, and I have been reading hundreds of articles about ball heads. I have never been around one or used one.(one of the disadvantages of living in the hills away from any large cities.) I have a tremendous curiosity so I am about to order a Bogen 3021BPRO, with a Bogen 488 head, and a qr0 so I can use the same release plates as my Bogen 3046/3063 fluid head video pod. Yea I know, I would like the RRS or the Markins, but if I spend that kind of money and do not like the head, I am out a pile. This way I can try it for a while and upgrade later if I like it. Also if I do go to a dif head, I have to buy yet another set of qr plates. I already have one type for a monopod, another type for slik, and yet another type for bogen qr0. Just makes sense to me. Any opposing views?


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