Morning Bike Ride


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Nov 8, 2009
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Somewhere in Florida
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C&C welcome and appreciated.
Thanks for looking!
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I like this picture, theres not much to it, but I like it. It brings me to a simpler time.

Nice shot, and thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the comments. Been playing with things just entering the frame.
Since I started trying I have found that I it seems easier to do by accident. ;)
Very nice composition with some emotional charge in it. Can you do something to tame thoes highlight just a bit so they are not so glaring ? Without changing the overall contrast.
It's different--there is evident movement with the bike. You accomplished your objective. The path and dappled sunlight grab my attention.
Thanks for the comments! I do think I need to revisit this. I like the shot, but I might need to be a bit more subtle with the processing.
I go back and forth - a sure sign this is one that needs to sit for awhile.

More and more I find it hard to work on shots the day I take them.

Thanks again.

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