Morning by the creek


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Feb 16, 2006
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In the yellow early morning light, at low tide, the curlews and redshanks share Skippool Creek, Lancashire, with the yachts.


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Oh my, the composition on that one is outta this world!!!! The contrast of the smooth and rippled water, the curve of the water's edge and the longbeaked, what a shot! Love it.
Thanks Chris and Antarctican. This shot is "enhanced" Chris, with a "Warm/Cool" PS plugin. The original shot is high contrast due to the light, with the only strong colour being the red inside the horse-shoe of the life belt. I was quite pleased with the composition Antarctican, but I'd have liked it more if I could have moved the yacht immediately below the bottomof the frame, so that there was a bit of space around the one I got :).

Regards, Tony
I know where that is! It's just up the road from my house in Thornton (when I'm there and not here). Nice shot! Know where I'm off when I'm back in town in about 3 weeks time.


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