Mossy Shed

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    I'm fighting conflicting emotions. This shot was taken with a Vists 4x5 on one of those leisurely back woods drives when you suddenly come upon a scene which begs for picture taking. Took perhaps an hour for one shot which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    When the positive film image was developed and viewed via lightbox, I was estatic. Those I shared it with also quite like the emotion conveyed by the green moss. So I had it digitized at horrific expense ($40) but now my 8x10 prints seem lifeless. To enable showing it here I used PS to reduce pixel count to 400 across but that didn't alter anything that I can tell except perhaps some sharpness.

    What am I missing in the transition from positive on lightbox to image on paper that has removed the life from my picture? (ps, I still enjoy seeing it on the viewbox.)

    I'd appreciate any criticism or sharing of emotion in viewing the 'mossy shed'.



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