Muel Train minus a few C&C If you will

He he, it reminds me of Tom Waits:

Choppity chop goes the axe in the woods
You gotta meet me by the fall down tree
Shovel of dirt upon a coffin lid
And I know they'll come lookin for me boys
And I know they'll come a-lookin for me
Got to get behind the Mule
In the morning and plow
Got to get behind the Mule
In the morning and plow
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That life in my Hollow
Its not showing for me. Did you delete it from photobucket?
Ehhh... think you might have gone just a tad too far on this!
Thanks, just got Gimp last evening.
will probably mess up for a while.
But which area did I screw up the most, so I'll know a little better.
Thanks, I always appreciate advice. Ed
Not sure exactly; looks like the saturation might have been pushed just a bit too far, and the colour balance seems a little yellow now.
Muel train ???

Is some of that Kentucky Moonshine involved?

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Adjuseted saturation and color

I feel a meme being born out of this shot, Ed....a meme, I tell ya!
I love it! Very creative setup. I am from the Ozark Mountains of Ark.. That would fit right in! Looks like fun:)
Six kinds of awesome. That rig is something my father would have done, minus the mules. He'd have rigged up some sort of engine on front instead (he was a mechanic).

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