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Apr 26, 2013
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Hello every, I've been part of this forum for awhile now, but I have had such a busy life and have not had any time to really consider myself part of it so in a way this is my second introduction. as of recently I have started building my portfolio as a music photographer. getting photopasses is a full time job ;P
anyway I finally completed my first series as a music photographer and would like some feedback.

Nicholas Krawczyk
I don't want to spam the forum with all of the images so here is a link to the shoot.

let me know what you think! and if you enjoy it I have two more bands I'm actually working with coming next month which I'm very excited about.
I've noticed people saying to post the images instead of a link to the images
so here are just a couple. please give me honest constructive criticism.

Thank you.


NOT my area of expertise, but a couple of quick thoughts: #1, don't crop the subject's arm. You had lots of room, just move the framing slightly to the right. #2 is rather under-exposed and spot-metering for say his ear, would have likely resulted in a better overall exposure.
Thanks for the input! Unfortunately my lens won't allow the fstop to go lower than a 5, but it's supposed to go down to a 4. but anyway as for the cropping I am currently trying to only shoot with a 35mm lens to work on my composition. (although personally on the second picture I kind of dig the darkness)

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