I don't play a guitar, I play around with a guitar. I know nothing over the open chords and the minor pentatonic scale. I can make the same sound with a couple of pieces of paper as I do trying to play an F chord or any other bar chord. Actually, I think making noise with a couple pieces of paper sounds better than me trying to play a bar chord.

I have a really cheap POS acoustic. Wifey is hinting around at buying me an electric (what I wanted anyways) and I think it will be easier and I will learn something. I don't like the ergonomics of holding a fat acoustic let alone trying to play a cheap POS one.
I play French Horn in Band, but I also play drums and acoustic guitar at church (not at the same time ;) )
Violin for a living. But you knew that. ;)
I play acoustic & electric guitar, a bit of piano, and the bugle & tamborine. I still have the acoustic guitar, but sold the electric one years ago. I have a casio keyboard I use during the holidays to play Christmas music. The bugle is long gone [neighbors are grateful for] and my tamborine is rusting somewhere in the basement.
Mostly piano but a bit of guitar.
My singing is decent as well. :)
been playing bass since i was 15, im 21 now
but always wanted to be a drummer:grumpy:

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