my 1st photo shoot -i really need pointer and i swear this o


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Aug 2, 2003
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Phoenix, AZ
Nice shot of the kid on the skateboard! It has a lot of action! I'm not sure your Nikon lens is working for you. Your focus needs a little work. Stick with your 52mm lens and practice practice practice!

Here's a link to the manual for the AE-1. I hope this helps!

First thing you need to learn is to use the Edit button for your posts instead of making new ones. ;) (Do you see over on the right of each post where it says Edit? That allows you to change formatting n stuff when the post doesn't work how you want it to. )

I have to say the skateboard pic is very cool! I really like everything about it, the tones of the colors, the composition, etc. At first I thought it might be good to crop some of the bottom off, but I actually like those little nubs of palm trees too and it shows off nicely how the sky graduates down to white.

The cat seems kinda blurry and I think there is too much background around her (him?). The colors in the desert pics seem very ultra muted so they don't have much contrast, nothing really grabs the eye. Maybe you need to get closer and really focus in on something more specific to really make a statement. I'm not sure.

Good work! Keep shooting! :)
I agree with orie. The skateboard pic is great.

Yeah, learn the edit function :p
I quite like the last one, although I would of liked to of seen the ground in focus too, which would be achieved by closing down the aperture to let less light in (adjusting depth of Field).

The first two shots look like they suffered from camera shake, one tip I saw to reduce camera shake with a zoom lens is to set the shutter speed to 1/what ever your zoom lens is.
For example if your zoom is set at 100mm set your shutter speed to at least 1/100 which would probably be 1/125. Ideally for shots where the subject isn’t moving much, use a tripod or rest your camera on something solid.

What film do you use? I would recommend Fuji Superia 200 to start of with for outside, particularly on sunny days. One last thing, don’t think your handicapped by having an old camera, quite the opposite, if you want to LEARN photography, getting a camera to make all the decisions for you will only impede your learning process.


Skateboard pic is my favorite nice work....the rest need some composition and focus help. My advice..keep shooting...take 24 or 36 shots of something you think is going to be a good shot...I shot 35 rolls one week and ended up with about 5 shots I like.
Nice skate shoot indeed , btw the canon AE1 is a great camera still now, my dad still swears on it, doesn't want another i bought for his birthday a minolta 500i some years ago and he ended up in my drawer because he didn't use it lol, it is an AE1 program he has .... great thing!!!!!
Get Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop as well. You can rescue the colors and details sometimes, especially when your camera is shooting undersaturated, low contrast shots (as yours is). With the skateborder, it depends on what you want. If you want to freeze the action, set your shutter speed higher and using manual focus, make sure everything is crisp. If you want that "blurred speed" feel, set a lower shutter speed and pan the action. :) Either way it's right in the middle right now!
yeah i agree on the skate shot! it was an unexpected focal point which makes it a cool photo. whilst experimenting with taking the photos, try approaching your topic from different angles, and try (depending on subject) holding your camera on different angles aswell. i use a canon camera as old as urs and it doesnt particularly matter on what type of camera you use, its how you you use it. also, always aim for contrast in colours and tones. good luck! :wink:

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