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My boys


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Mar 5, 2013
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I wanted to share some new pics of my beautiful boys

I love capturing emotions and close up's
$import 17-08-13 030.JPG

Think i went in a little too much on the lashes
$import 17-08-13 031.JPG

They don't always have to look at the camera for a good pic..
$import 17-08-13 046.JPG

Finally closed my shutter at the right time for this gem!!
$import 17-08-13 080.JPG
I feel like all of these are just a little too close up and the angles are a bit awkward. Allowing more of the surroundings into the photo will help capture a better memory and help tell more of a story with the photograph. Coming down to eye level would also really improve these shots in my opinion. Exposure wise I feel that they're a little dark. Lighting wise I feel that the first three have very flat lighting. It looks to me as if you are using the pop-up flash on your camera, which is something I would recommend avoiding. Pop-up flash produces flat, unflattering lighting that erases depth and detail. In the fourth image you want to watch the highlights; the over-exposed bright spot on his pant leg is very distracting.

Reading your signature, I'd like to offer an alternative thought process. As far as a good photo being unplanned, this can often times be true, however a photo that is planned out in terms of lighting, surroundings, camera settings, etc is ultimately going to produce better images with time and care put into it. You can still capture candid moments, but considering your light, composition, etc will make the shot better. These shots look very much like plain snapshots, almost as if they were taken by messing around with a disposable camera. I'm not trying to be uncouth or to discourage you, just offering some honest feedback to think about. After all, honesty is the foundation of true caring.
When it comes to editing, I wont argue that a photo can be perfectly fine without editing straight out of camera, however editing that is done with care and subtlety can infinitely improve a shot and take it to the next level of quality. I would definitely reconsider these two outlooks on what you feel a good photo is in order to possibly improve your craft by a lot.
Very well said Dan

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