My city(composition)


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Feb 20, 2012
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When you stand on this hill your eyes are immediately drawn to the mountain range in the back, the sunlight hits it in a way that catches your eyes. I don't know if my picture accurately portrays this.

The below crop was a tough call, I really wanted to crop more of the bottom out, but I love that semi truck on the lower right, just does something for me so I kept it in. I chose to crop the right to the base of where the part of the mountain that catches your eye most leads to the ground(if that wordy sentence makes sense).

I am wondering if my crops are good, I love that truck, do you?

NOTE I just found out that if I scroll the same image from the bottom of my screen to the top it gets darker. The top of my screen produces a different image from the bottom........... Live and learn. Makes me wonder what people see on their screen versus mine.
My laptop screen changes color when I tilt the screen, so I got a monitor to hook to it that does not do that. The right type of monitor is definitely worth getting if serious about your images.

The photo looks good on my little phone screen

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Was your goal to capture the cityscape with the mountains in the background?
I can't really measure anything because the pic is too small but it deems rotated clockwise to me and has a definite blue cast.

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