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Jan 24, 2008
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So I had just got my new lens yesterday...and I was itching to try it I tried it on my dog, Sparky...He's just a 13 year old mix breed...and not very patient.

He was looking at a squirrel when I took this picture...


The thing is...when it's printed on paper it seems grainy...Is this because I used a 1600 ISO? I forgot to change it when I went outside, but I didn't think it'd be that much of an issue.
I see you're using a D50, which is usually decent with noise, and on the websize photo it doesn't look super grainy. I bet a very light noiseware adjustment and it would be great! But to answer your question, yes, higher ISO's lead to a lot more noise. My reason for upgrading to the D300.
I love the look of the D300...but a new camera will have to wait until after college.

If you take the image and zoom in on it, you can see the grain a little bit...Maybe it's because I'm using a matte paper? Idk, but It doesnt look as sharp on paper as it should...
Yeah, ISO 1600 will easily cause grain. Cameras like the D300 are best at working with high ISO's because of their sensor size.

Kenny, usually for outdoor photography I try to keep my ISO's as low as possible. 400 or less seems to work nicely.

Sometimes when I make a mistake by using a high ISO, in photoshop I try to reduce the noise as much as possible. You won't get the same quality as if you used a low ISO in the first place, but it can definitely reduce the grain.

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