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Oct 12, 2010
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Zionsvill, Indiana
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Okay, I have posted in my signautre a link to what I have taken so far. My favorite shot from all of them is this one. I took it while it was on the landscape mode and it was after work so after 4pm. Not for sure if it was the right way to take it, but so far all my friends thinks it's cool. However, I'm wanting to learn more about photography and eventually get myself a better camera. Please feel free to C&C good and bad. I don't have any software yet to enchance the pictures better but I'm working on that. I just have a simple Kodak Z1275 that I bought a couple of years ago and just have a little more time to learn other functions on it. Thanks for looking!

Its a good thing you are enthusiastic about photography.
If it happens that you do it for a year or so, i urge you to look back at this picture and write a CC for yourself then.
Try to read as much as you can on exposure and composition.

good luck.
wow! awesome skills!! ...keep it up!


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