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My first actor headshots - how'd I do?


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Aug 6, 2010
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Virginia Beach, VA
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I took these with my Canon T1i with my 50mm lens with just regular old lighting from the sun and whatever light bulbs were above our heads.




Given the conditions? Very well. A few minor niggles: The little bit of hair cropped off in #1 makes it look rather like a compositional error, #2 could have used a bit more fill to cut down on the hot/blown areas on his right cheeck/shoulder/hair, #3 is really nice, but the background is, well, lacking and #4, just a bit of fill or reflector to relieve the deep shadow camera right.
My buddy Phil.

I only know he liked these the best because he posted the JPEG's to his facebook. I haven't edited any of them, so thanks for the tips!
I think # three is my favorite. If you go into Photoshop or Gimp and blur out the background, it could be a real winner!

If you would like another outlet to share your photos, I've just started a new Facebook group called "photo enthusiasts" Just go on face book and put the name in the search box. You are welcome to join us! the more the merrier!

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