My first engagement photoshoot.


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Aug 4, 2010
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They're all pretty nice, but the last one stands out the most to me. Its cute and I think well taken.
Bonus points cause I have the same hat =)
I do not like the color or lack of in these photos. The mans pants need to be pulled up, it just doesn't look good.

Overall not bad. Definitely is a good start!
On some of them there is a little too much room at the top. I do this all the time, and am trying to work on that. :blushing:

I like the soft romantic feel they have. They look natural and you can tell they are in love. I really like the second and last one. They are nice. Good job.
They're great photos. If you do it again, tell the dude to wear something other than a ratty t-shirt and a stupid braves cap. His fiancée got at least a little dressed up. What he is wearing should compliment what she is wearing. They're not formal photos, but they should still look nice.
they both look pretty casual to me, i was going to comment that i like that the photos/their outfits reflect their personal styles. the compositions are all very nice, and i like the tones as well. my favorite is the last shot.
i agree w/the attire. but #2 is the money shot if you give a little more color
The only one the hat works for me is in 5, and 7. This is a casual shoot, but cmon guy. My fiancee would have killed me stupid. Alittle color, and your end is ok, considering the guy wouldn't trade his hat for a belt.
Nice shtos ... I like #2 and the last one .... would like to see #2 with a lil more color, similar to the last. Great start ...
I really like # 2 and #5.

I think the light is a little to harsh in #6. Her skin almost look blown out.

I think it is very good for being your first engagement shot.
Thanks guys! It was definitely fun but I was pretty nervous, still got alot to learn.
I wasn't too stoked on the clothing either haha. His fiancee and I kept on telling him to take off the hat :lol:

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