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My First few shots.


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Jan 19, 2012
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Mesa, AZ
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A few of my images. I am new to Photography. C&C is always welcome, your critiques will not go unnoticed




Riparian Preserve at Dawn


Another Shot of Dawn at the Riparian Preserve


Botanical Garden


Canyon Lake


Old Flour Mill in Tempe, AZ
(1) Sedona - The shot is a tad flat, owing perhaps to the lack of shadows/time of day. However, it's pretty well framed and the content is very interesting; clearly this was taken on the planet Vulcan. ;)
(2) Riparian Preserve - The composition is a bit muddled and there is no "subject" per se.
(3) Riparian Preserve - Much more 'successful' than the previous shot. Nice sense of layering, solid composition and balance; really like this one.
(4) Botanical Garden - I'm assuming this was achieved through HDR. The sort of "painterly" effect is interesting, but since everything is essentially at the same exposure level, the entire frame becomes the subject. Instead of drawing ones eyes to say, the flower, ones eyes are drawn everywhere. In this case, composition is critical, and with this shot I'm left wanting something more from the left-hand region and wishing the table & chairs weren't partially obscured.
(5) Canyon Lake - Seems like a beautiful location; lovely cloud effects, nice hue. I am curious to see what the mountains/bluffs would look like with more (direct) illumination, if that was possible. Can't quite determine if the lower vegetation helps or hinders the shot; as with so many landscapes I wonder what the same location would look like if you had some magic ladder and were a bit higher. I'd also personally crop just a hair off the top of the frame. (And microcritique - not sure what that black is on the top left? Lens hood?)
(6) Old Flour Mill - Zowie. I think this is the best of the bunch. Something about the lighting and position of the mill in front of the clouds which makes it seem mystical and like a cathedral. Nice processing as well, though I do find the color of the boats/stuff in the lower front center of the frame slightly distracting -- you might consider desaturating them and altering the hue to blend in a bit better with the rest of the shot. (The same could be said of that portion of the building on the right.) Beautiful shot though!
Mendoza, all of your points are spot on. Yes that was my lens hood getting into the shot, I am surprised I never noticed it. I will definitely use your tips on my next outing.

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