My First Macro Shots - Please Give Advice!!


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Jan 18, 2008
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South Africa
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I'm 14 years old, and VERY NEW TO PHOTOGRAPHY. I'M A NEWBIE.

Please give comments, Crit and Advice and these( MY FIRST MACRO SHOTS EVER)






I like the first one, I like how you captured the web between the flowers and have the rest a bit soft.

The pics after that I dont care for, the subject seems to take up too much of the frame....a bit overwhelming. Not to mention most of them are too soft (have no focus point)
Looks like you shot them with a lensbaby cause of how soft they are. I agree with Freedbaby, its to overwhelming.
Shot it with a Canon IXUS 4mp. rubbish camera. Saving up for a new one. With changeable lenses and all that.
Cool another 14 year old, haha.

I think your first one is by far the best, the one's after that are good experiments, but they will never be anything special.

Here's a photoshop edit I did on your first photo. I think it helped a bit:
your original:

my edit:

My steps were:
-cloning out the webs
-darkening the shot
-adding contrast
-applying unsharp mask

That's all. Sometimes little edits help shots.
Heres a few more, Let me know what you think!!





The model airplane prop isn't bad, but the rest don't do anything for me.
The model airplane is good. The second set of pictures is much better, you're definitely improving, keep it up.
why is macro like crack for noobs? Your WB is way off but you got potential!
why is macro like crack for noobs? Your WB is way off but you got potential!

Ive noticed this too. Altho it is a decent place to start for people with the entry lenses, or PaS cameras.

Altho not true 1:1 :D still nice start, it can be kinda hard to get it right with a PaS camera but white balance is important and if you use google you can find some nice tutorials about fixing white balance using photoshop. Also a nice built in tool with CS2 atleast is a thing called variations. Desaturation can be a nice tool to help with this, while not proper white balance, it takes away some of the glow from the lighting and adds a bit of emphasis on the colors in the subject.

Also why are you emphasizing your age so much?
I moved your thread into the General Gallery, since The Beginners' Place is more designed to be a Q&A-forum, while the galleries are ... well: galleries. For any of our members, young, old, new to the forums, long-standing members, new to the hobby, seasoned amateurs or pro photogs ... just for anyone. OK?

And to my mind, these are not real macros but close-ups, and the flowers are nice. Some of the first ones taken indoors show traces of camera shake, but the newest set with the bottle are quite nice. They are only just too warm, colour temperature-wise.

With several here, I am not too fond of the very narrow DOF you got when you set your camera to macro ... it is difficult to pull off in low light! But you tried, and that's good.
Not very focused and lots of blurring. Learn to shoot the camera without camera shake and a tripod.

Practice and don't do only macros, take scenery pictures and practice that as well. It'll help steady your hands and arms.

Keep practicing and you won't be sorry.

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