My First Portraits (Part 3)....'ang on, there might be more...???


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Jul 18, 2007
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After I finished My First Portraits Parts 1 & 2 ( you did look at those, right??), so anyway it was "Oh, get the dogs!" I bit!

Here you go, bow-wow.





5. B-A-L-E !!!!

Thanks for looking.
I love the 1st one and the 3rd one,

The first one is very "butter wouldnt melt" and completely adorable.

and the third one has got real character its like the first dog is looking after the other one!

Its a shame the 4th one isn't completely focused, but I know exactly how hard it is to make 4 animals stay still long enough to take a good picture!!
Thanks KatahrineAspen.

It was a circus to say the least.
Awesome shots hahaha.

One thing, use a higher DOF. Especially when more than one dog is involved in your picture. Number 4 looks like a higher DOF is needed.

I don't do portraits, at least I havn't done any yet, so take my critique with a grain of salt. (what is that saying supposed to mean anyways?)
Hey , thanks Robbie.

Yeah, that one was taken at f/2.5 with a 35mm f/2.0. Maybe another 1/3 stop and half a step backwards would have improved that one. Unfortunately, that was the only one where they were all looking in the same direction.
Haha your head must have been melted trying to work with these guys "CAN YE ALL NOT JUST STAY STILL FOR ONE BLOODY SECOND?!"

#1 That guy would clear your pockets out - luv it, could be a prize winner. Is it a tad under exposed? Maybe a drop more light on the left side? Also I'd have probably favoured a higher aperature, f8 - f11 for better detail, you might have got to see throught the dome of the eye on the right.
#2 The cropping ruins it for me, ears are missing but if you had of got him with that tear...!
#3 I think you're too high. Better if you were under nose height like in 1.
#4 Pose seemed ok but the shutter speed seems too low. Also is there a TV reflecting in their eyes? (green dots)

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