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Aug 9, 2010
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well just joined to get some info and cc on some of my photos. and say what uppp anyone wanna tell me how to put up pics? i dont have to like transfer them over from my flickr to a photobucket do i
You'll find a step-by-step 'How to' guide for posting images pinned at the top of the Beginner's Forum.
well here are some shots for ya. obviously these are from photobucket so the image quality isnt as great but if you want to see them on flickr and my other stuff check it out and dont be afraid to leave something or say something about my photos. Flickr: Keito Swan's Photostream




It's a cool series, although the girl doesn't fit well for me. Your lighting looks nice although the light is a little hard for my tastes, great work with the detail and expressions.
oh haha didnt even intend for it to be like a series just thought of it as an introductory lol thanks though

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