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My first posting.... NYC Skyline @ night


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Oct 27, 2011
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What do you think??


yes, that is lightning and no I did not edit this photo. I took it as such. :D

Nikon D60
Sigma 18-200mm lens
18mm – ISO200 – -f/8 – 10sec
it seems soft especially on the buildings. I think f/8 may have been too shallow DOF. However even the rocks are soft as well. It could be due to the lens you are using though. 18-200mm lens is not going to be very sharp due to the massive 10x+ zoom. Also I think if you had moved to the right some and got less rock in the foreground it would be a little better. Some color in the sky just a hint would help as well.
I see an excellent color scheme in this image; yes i too find an overall softness in the image; but that did only a minimal ruin on the image

Regards :D
Can you fix the softness in post. There's some sharpening tools that can save this. Otherwise it's a great capture!!
I can try to work on the softness. Never thought of it nor do I really know how to fix the softness.
But, I did print out this pic in 24"x36" and it looks fantastic hanging on my wall!!!!
If you have photoshop you could run unsharp mask on it. It is under filters. Hard to say the settings but I would say 70-100%, 2.8 pixels or a little more and 1 on the masking.
What about lightroom.... That's I've been using.
I do need to get into Photoshop.
As others have already alluded to, there is an overall softness issue. Love the foreground colors, and the lightning bolt is a plus, too bad it wasn't a really major bolt. I would have cropped it so that the road in the bottom left wasn't in the photo for a stronger foreground.

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