My Lady in Black....


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Aug 14, 2012
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friend of mine asked me to come along just having fun no commercial, why not maybe i can get something good...
so what do you think ?

Very nice! I can easily see this as a commerical shot; I'm not usually a big fan of cropped limbs, especially at joints, but in this case it really seems to have no effect on the image.
ty ...i use 2 flash shot to the background
I think this is a great shot and would definitely work as an advertisement, even for your own brand.
wow Demers i never think that far...but thank you veryyy nice compliment
I am on this with the others, very good work, very much commercial like. You've got there nice model. :)
There's a lot to like here, no mistake!

My quibbles are:

- fan is slightly cropped at the left edge and I wish it was not.
- the upper edge of her, especially her hair, looks like you did a clumsy job of cutting her out. Since it sounds like you did NOT cut her out, I suggest that perhaps you over-sharpened her a bit, along this edge.
yea... i think i over-sharpened a bit...anyway thak you guys i like it too
Beautiful shot.

Stylistically, I think your name should be a fraction higher above the fan

And I'd like to see more curl and/or softness to her hair. It looks like it's been over gelled/sprayed/moussed but that's a female opinion :) Everything else works great.
Thank you Azurite i will remember that

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