My Materity shoot with Mia


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Apr 1, 2010
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I've been doing some maternity shoots with Mia over the past 7 months. These are some from the latest set.


1 and 3 are my favorites. 1 is very classic, and will easily be cherished for a long time without looking dated by silly editing. 3 is a great emotion shot! Very well done!
I like 1 and 2... 2 the most.
One is your best. I might do some RAW processing to really make it pop.

There's a lot going on in the second one...tattoos, foot prints, hands, wedding/engagement ring. I think if you'd kept the foot prints out (sorry, it's kind of cliche and overdone) and focused on her belly and tattoos it would be a winner!

The third is nice, but it's very dark. Again, I think some RAW processing (you're shooting in RAW, right?!) would do wonders.
Thanks for your suggestions. I was going for a more silhouette of a shot that I had seen in one and three. The second is cliche' but Mia and her mother were estatic with it. I was also playing with lighting, these were all shot in front of a southern facing full window with plenty of diffused light beaming in and in this case #1 is not a white backdrop but the window thats blown out intentionally to appear as a backdrop.
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Tell me more about the second picture. How did you get those baby foot prints? Are they from the first child or someone else's child? I like it. Its quite different. Thanks for sharing.
Made with the pinky finger side of a fist, my wife did those. The toes are simply applied with fingertips.
Made with the pinky finger side of a fist, my wife did those. The toes are simply applied with fingertips.

Simply awesome and very inventive! I can recollect...when my kid was in my wife's tummy, there were times when she would be kicking from inside and we can actually see a rough outline of her feet. I guess you were going for that look. Nice!
Made with the pinky finger side of a fist, my wife did those. The toes are simply applied with fingertips.

LOL I do that when the shower door gets all foggy.

I love the idea of the silhouette, I just did something like that for a friend. I think it could just use a little bit of tweaking since it's kind of in between being a silhouette and being detailed portrait. Just my 2 cents :)
I was loking to have the sunlight just wrap partially around her to give some rim lighting. As far as the sharpening that might be true, these are the low rez images I placed on facebook so I tweaked them more than the high rez. Once I get some time I will work further on the silouettes and see what I can come up with.
Heres another one, my only nik pic with this is the chair arm sticking out from behind her.

I wanted to stay away from the cliche' shots and do more form/lighting techniques. But sometimes you have to do a few for the Mom. Again this is my attempt at wrapping the sunlight coming in through the curtains and playing with the shutter to control the ambient.
I completed the final maternity shoot for Mia, through most of the shot I had to use my 18-55 as the area was too tight. This was set up in the same room as the previous pictures with a large well lit window behind. In this case I placed a white muslin backdrop over the window and used ocf to blow out the bg. I moved further away from bg this shoot. I did have some bleed from the ocf from the bg in some shots that were disappointing. This series of images I added some blur for a softer look.

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