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Dec 15, 2007
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Hello This the love of my life :heart:, Gloria, you´ll be seeing more of her as time go´s by and hopefully i´ll get better with the photos to do her justice.:D
I´m just starting out with my new 400d, and i´m havin fun with the camera and this site.Thanks for looking

Hope you dont mind :) But I took a shot at editing, im still learning
You probably want to preserve skin tones during an edit, so far this one and the other guys wife were both dark and over saturated after your edit. Hopefully it is not your monitor that is too bright (or mine for that matter).

Take a look at Image/adjust/shadow/highlight, as quite a few of the post here can benefit from that tool.

Also select by color could isolate that background while preserving the edges better, or just use the magic wand and tweak on the threshold to add to the selection.

To the threads author, try moving your subject farther from the background next time so it becomes more softly focused. It is pretty much a point and shoot look now.


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