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Mar 24, 2013
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I found a apparently sick gull this morning So packed It In the car and made a phone call to a Place Called Hope a Non profit raptor rehab center.I was giving a number to a local Vet who takes wildlife that is sick or has been injured and from there another lady will take it for rehab The gull never tried to bite and just sat In my passenger seat for the trip to the vet. No injury to the naked Eye but was told more likely a parasite that will cause the bird to stop eating and have no strength to fly. I also believe this to be a very young hearing gull.Don't mind my ugly mug.
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Sad. Looks like a young Herring Gull. Good of you to do that.
Well done! Not sure I'd have recognized the difference between a healthy bird and a sick one.
Knew something was not good when I approached it,it was shaking and falling forward on it face but its wings would flap but never lift off.I was told by Christine that runs a none profit Raptor rehab center A Place Called hope from what i described on the phone that it may be a parasite that makes the bird sick and will not eat and there for has no energy to take flight.It sat still in my passenger sit while I was driving to the Vet.A healthy gull would have killed us both during the drive.LOL
Poor thing I hope it gets well. I have a soft spot for animals.
Thanks john.
You are a very very good man. Thank you for saving the gull.

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