My new monitor Hahahaha!!


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Apr 16, 2010
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Hermitage, PA
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It's only 55" but it will have to do :(

skinniest room ever?
Great TV. Couldn't you spread the Speaker out wider so it won't block the TV?
Just imagine, one bar fridge addition and you could live in that little 4' x 9' room haha!
You've earned it man! Enjoy that monster-sized screen dude! Woo-hoo! Pretty cool...I remember the days when a 13 inch B&W TV was common,and when a 27 inch was a "big screen" computers, I also recall the $599 15-inch buddy Scott and I both bought 15-inch NEC monitors back in the mid-1990's for our computers...
It is a small living room... And me moving the recliner into the middle of it doesn't help things out either. Not sure what the people who made the house were thinking... The dining room is over twice the size of the living room.

Calibrated? Naw... But neither is the laptop monitor. Prints are looking just fine... Very close to what I see on the laptop. And actually even closer on the 55. The back lighting of the LED is so much better than my old LCD... Colors are much better.

Darrel, I remember my Commodore Vic 20 and the little monitor that was attached to it... Had the greatest color green type ever!
Yeah i agree, with all of the above too.. smallest room ever ( from the looks of it) lol, What WERE they thinking?! Bad ass Tv!!! :D Definitely well deserved .

I use my 50 inch for a monitor from time to time... its a trip.
Are those speakers hanging on the top corners of the tv?... eeek. Distracting. AH who cares.. the tv is bad a** haha,.
Best part of this TV? It has the same resolution I was running with Windows 98.

What's the contrast ratio on this set?
I am currently using a 32 inch 1080p lcd as a second monitor with a 22 inch.

i do most of my editing on the 22 inch since its calibrated.

i was able to put them side to side and set the TV so its REALLY close to my 22inch monitor colors.
the tv is really nice to review pictures with my clients.

i did some editing on it just for the fun of it and it is totally feasable.

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