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Sep 24, 2010
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So i took the plunge and made a big purchase.

Nikon D7000
alienbee ab400 with 30x60 softbox
2 vivitar 285's
all with stands and umbrella,
cactus receivers
background and white and black muslin.

its going to be fun learning how to use everything properly. but im pretty excited

DSC_0002 by Sndsgood, on Flickr

DSC_0004 by Sndsgood, on Flickr
Nice! Where did you get your gear from? What lens(es) do you plan on using for portraits?

What's on the two light-weight stands?
sparky the two smaller stands held the vivitars to blow out the background.

got the gear from a few various places. paul c. buff, b&h and a few other places.

oh also got a spyder 4 color calibration piece finally as well.
No boom-arm for a hair light?

No offense, but the tripod looks cheesy.
yeah the tripod is just a cheap best buy purchase ive had for a few years. one of those things id like to replace but keep putting off. and no boom or anything. may find myself needing one. this was more then i intended to spend though. so may have to just go withwhat i got for now. and modify something to work.
Looks like a nice set-up.

Also, someone needs to update their sig!
i thought i did update it. must have forgot to save it.

funny thing about the tripod. wife took it to work with the video camera for some meeting and she comes home saying how her boss say the tripod and he was just raving how great it was and cool and really nice lol. i told her she should have told him to go to best buy and get one for thirty bucks lol.

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