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Jul 2, 2010
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my sister wanted me to take some photos of her daughter. it's my first time doing something like this so I'd really like some c&c!





It's a real shame I couldn't get her to look up in the last one! =(
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you were spinning her with one hand? omw lol

first and third ones are nice...great expressions
These are pretty cool but with the lack of eyes in all four shots I think a lot of the emotion is lost.

The white balance is too cool on #2.

I think #3 would be terrific if her eyes were open... the leaves look like they're swirling around - that's a good capture of the motion. The eyes closed and the white windowframe kinda hurt the image though.

Just my opinions. Shooting kids (taking pictures not busting caps) is... frustrating. They don't take direction well...
she is adorable
Great shots!
The 2nd would be my favorite if that leaf wasn't in her face. The 3rd one is Great!
Thanks for commenting guys! Looks better with the contrast bumped rider! What method did you use? When I tried I found her face got too dark..

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