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Nov 7, 2009
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I covered someone's senior recital last week and the college newspaper wants to do a story on it and use my pictures and credit me. It will be printed in black in white.. ive never really editted photos for print.. what format should i send the pictures to the editors in.. jpg? tif? ive done posters for myself before and black and white in photoshop always came out different in print from a xerox machine. I wanna get my edit right,, i cant ask the paper to reprint after:lmao:
For what format you send them in phone up (or pop round and visit) the newspaper and ask them specifically what standards they want. Its really the only way to get this info as they might have policies which differ from the accepted norm in the newspaper printing world.
I just emailed the writer of the article ( the person ive been dealing with, she doesnt handle photos though) and asked her what format is best for them
Papers can usually use tiff or pdf. I don't know if you'd have to convert to CMYK for a black and white print, but maybe.

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