My Reptilian Buddies


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Apr 15, 2006
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Santa Barbara, CA
Colombian Boa Constrictors -



Nature's Beauty:

Paecee, some tail action:

Johnny, Brazillian Rainbow Boa

Little Conan. He has since then passed :(

Thanks for takin' a look. I'm currently in an apartment that I can't take them outside for better shots, but I will be soon. I'm pretty excited. Unfortuately the only outdoor pictures I have are pretty old and not great quality. I'll letcha know when I do get some better ones.
melcooney said:
I'm not fond of reptiles...but these are excellent shots!

A lot of them are actually really awesome. I have a soft spot for my red tail boas. They're all absolute dolls. I currently have 5 Colombian Red Tails, 1 Brazillian Rainbow Boa, and 2 Bearded Dragons.

Thanks to you both for the compliments.
I've got better pictures of them all in terms of their own beauty, but the composition isn't great, or pretty much lacks all together. Here is a quick glance at the boa bunch. I hope it's okay to post these in the thread, even though they're more snapshot like. If not, let me know and I'll remove them.

"Kenzy" - Pastel BCI Female

"Paecee" - Pastel BCI Female, Kenzy's sister. (overexposed flash, eek)

"Lexx" - Normal/Classic BCI Male - My first boa.

"Monty" - Salmon Hypomelanistic BCI Male

"Nature's Beauty" or "NB" - Normal/Classic BCI Female

Thanks for takin another look.
The first picture in the first series of the eye is mesmerising. Nicely done.
Great stuff, any more shots of the Brazillian? I love BRBs.

You have all of those, in an apartment? Wow, must be tight for space.

I've got a Cali King, a snow corn and a ball python. I did have two beardies and a chameleon but we gave them away to happy homes.
Big Mike, here's one of Johnny:

I also have two beardies. They're not as photogenic though. Yes, space is tight in here. But worth it. The walls in my room are lined with enclosures. They're all housed sperately, of course. The beardies are in the living room, the BRB in the dining room, and the 5 big guys are in my room.

Thanks again for all the compliments. I love these lil guys.
great stuff, it would be nice if you could use a ring flash and a macro lense on them if you cant get out, for this type of close shot the lense would make a big difference, and the detail in the scales is lovely and just asking for a macro type DOF.

Keep em comming, sorry about the gekos demise, he looked nice and cheaky. If you can get some real close ups of the beards with them filling the whole frame they can look real cool too.

Nice set of pics of your slithery friends. Are friends nervous when they come to visit? I love the ones where the eyes are depicted...awesome captures.
I unfortunately only have a point and shoot camera right now. With my expensive retile hobby and being a college student new to photography, its hard to come by the money for a DSLR. One day though.. I do however use my macro setting for my shots.

Antarctican: Depends on the friends. Most all of them know they're here. Some of them love seeing them, others not so much.

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