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Jan 7, 2008
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Fort Worth, TX
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This is a first attempt of convincing my husband to let me take his picture :) He is playing RockBand, which is a big hit around our house and at parties. He was a good sport -- he likes to show off a bit :lol:

I only managed to get one half decent picture since the lighting was so bad. I would love some feedback on this. I think it turned out pretty good with the exception of the shadows. Shadows are bad right? I'm still learning all this stuff...

I like the clarity of the photo, but don't really dig the angle... hmm...
I can see that. I tried a bunch of different angles in that tiny room, but this was the only picture that turned out.

I also don't like seeing the door in the background. I told him he was going to have to be my model quite a bit in the near future while I learn all this stuff. Thankfully he is cute and willing :lovey:

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