My very first night time shoot - with a schoolboy error.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Brighton, UK
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I've taken my camera out a few times at night but not for a planned shoot of certain landscape scenes.

It was so windy and cold that it put me off doing too much fiddling and I did the ultimate schoolboy, forgot entirely throughout the shoot to change the iso. So these are all iso 200.

Comments and crits please.
For the first image below - I didn't realise before I arrived that the landscape was covered in a wire, very tall fence. Due to the fact it's on a high bridge over a very busy road. This image was taken through the fence hence the darkened areas of the fence outline.


May I ask what's the error with shooting iso 200?
i love the first picture alot. i wont complain.
The first shot is pretty cool... interesting composition and I really like the way the building "floats" in the blackness in the upper right.

In fact, the subtle bands of darker color from the fence could probably even be alleviated by using an adjustment brush to locally increase the brightness a bit in those areas (it seems that the light successfully bent around the obstruction).
To change it to what? An even lower ISO? Or maybe a higher one? THAT would have been the mistake. ISO 200 looks perfect for these kinds of photos! And the first really came out well. No complaints there!

As to the pier photo ... what is it that makes you unhappy? The fact that it is hardly discernible that there is beach and a shoreline in the foreground? You could mask the background and carefully bring some more brightness to the foreground in post, maybe?
Perhaps rather than taking it from the side like you did and from such a distance, you could take it from the mouth(?)/start of the pier then you could get the nice effect of the lights running down either side.. Not sure how exactly it could work, but then I am not there.. Play around!
Thanks for the comments guys, any tips for improvement on night photography? Or any routines you guys go through when doing night photography?
I think it's cool. The highway looks like a blood vessel.

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