My Weekend: 5 for C&C (Pleases and Thank Yous)


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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#1 - Long exposure as we drove up to some stop lights

#2 - Long exposure of Tron and sunset (had Tron drop out of frame 1/3 of way through exposure)

#3 - Until I get a real macro lens, this is one of two reverse-lens photos that turned out

#4 - Until I get a real macro lens, this is one of two reverse-lens photos that turned out

#5 - Another sunrise photo - same tree I silhouetted before can be seen from this different viewpoint (look I broke a rule by placing horizon next to center, ha, suck on that for awhile!)
Yeah, it gives it a 'shopped look in-camera, I showed to a couple buddies and they said it looked fake...but I showed it in the camera. Like I'm going to PP photos, put them on sd card and show photos with my HUGE 3 inch camera lcd...
i love the 3 and 5. the pen just stands out to me. and sunset pics just get me in general. good job. the first pic im not crazy about. doesnt look very...... hmm..something. lol
I'm curious, why f22 on your sunset image? I can understand using very small apertures on some of the other images if you required it to achieve the desired long shutter speed, but in my mind, it doesn't make sense for the sunset image.
Just experimenting I s'pose...Wanted the small aperture so I could use a slow enough shutter speed for Tron to leave frame 1/3 the way through the exposure, have everything pretty much in focus and have it still look dark, like it was later at night than it was...
That'll change when I get a real macro lens...I tried as hard as I could do get a little less shallow DOF, but whatever, this seems to be the best I can do manually holding the lens backwards to the camera...can't believe I didn't damage anything...

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