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Nov 19, 2007
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Any advice on how to improve the composition on this image? Exposure is what it is I did my best to fix it up in GIMP but I'm using an old school p&s with no exposure control.

TO improve the compsotition.....um..I would have less of the the carpet in front of the snake, make sure the tail of the snake was not cut, and maybe try another angle besides for head on and see how that turns out.
I geuss this is your pet? I think it would be better to shoot with natural light either outside or near a window so that the foreground isn't so light. You could maybe shoot a little higher up so she dosn't look so squashed.
Snakes aren't as easy to photograph as some animal subjects. Anybody have any ways to get a snake to pose?
That is a BIG snake!

If you are interested in other members' snake photos, check out threads by "doenoe", and you might also be interested in this_thread_of_mine and also this_one . And there is also one on the owner_and_her_pets ... but while they are fairly long by now, ours are still much smaller!
He/She isn't all that big, of course I'm looking into a pair of Suriname Red Tails so I'm a little biased.

P.S. I would rather you didn't post any more pictures of your snakes you're making me want to expand my collection...

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