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ND Filter Help


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Jul 19, 2013
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Hey guys,

I have just recently wanted to get into taking pictures of landscape (since I'm still trying to figure out what I like taking pictures of the most). Anyways, I researched landscape photography and watched videos and they all have ND filters on their cameras. I was just wondering how many stops decreased should I look for in an ND filter?
Here is a Wiki link that really helps, includes a ND reference chart. I personally use a variable ND filter.


I was also buy a good quality filter which usually runs around $100-200 and buy one in a 77mm...pick up a step up adaptor if your lens is smaller say 72mm. This way you can use it on larger. Aperture pro lens as you advance.
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I would get a graduated neutral density, such as those offered by LEE, and go for the 3-stop filters (.09). You'll need their filter holder/adapter.

I have standard ND filters but they get used close to never compared to my graduated filters. They are fine if I am trying to get a longer exposure, but close to useless for landscape shots where the true purpose of a ND is to balance the brighter sky with the darker foreground for a properly exposed image.
I would get a graduated neutral density, such as those offered by LEE...
Do the LEE ND filter adapters come in all varying sizes? I would need a 52 mm.

Yep, buy the adapter ring that fits your size lens. The filters themselves are square, so you need the adapter and holder. It allows you to slide the filter up and down to adjust how much or little effect it has on your image (i.e., sliding it down increases the ND effect and darkens the top more).

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