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    So the camera I have been shooting with, as of the last month and a half or so is my Hasselblad 500c... and I am encountering an issue when trying to nail focus on a reflection shot (out of a window for example)... I am manually focusing (of course), and have never had this issue when I shot similar images with my D810, and had wanted to ask if this is a common issue when focusing through ground glass? If the window I am shooting a reflection out of is 4-5 feet away, but the object reflecting out of it is much further, I normally find I have to focus to infinity or close to it, but I still can't snap it into focus in camera... a lot of my photos are shot similarly, so I don't know if modern dslrs are better suited for nailing focus on shots such as these? any advice would be helpful, thanks

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    Sounds like you’re getting some “ghosting” through the glass. If you’re focusing on a distant object (infinity) but you have a reflection of nearby objects just a few feet away ... those are not the same distance. I’d expect a blurry reflection.

    You may be able to use a polarizer to eliminate (or at least substantially reduce) the reflection. Since the Hassy is a manual focus camera, you don’t need a “circular polarizer” (although Hassy did have an optional finder that had a built-in meter and a linear polarizer can confuse a light meter.)

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