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Jack Haggerty

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Aug 23, 2010
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Long Island, NY
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Alright here's the story short and sweet. I got rejected from a rollerblading magazine because they wanted another flash to brighten up the subjects face. Normally i shoot with a canon 50D, and a wireless transmitter hooked up to a canon 430ex flash.. i decided to get a cheap flash so i went with a rokinon ultra blitz.. i was told i can use the transmitter on the rokinon and the slave setting on the canon 430ex.. how do i get them to both fire when i shoot?
The 430EX is not an optically triggered slave. You need something to act as an E-TTL master for the 430EX when in slave mode (such as a 580EX or ST-E2). The 50D does not have this function built in.

The easiest way to set this up is to get a second receiver for your wireless system and set them to the same channel.
The slave mode on the 430EX for when you have a Canon 'Master' unit...either a 580EX or an ST-E2. There are some 3rd party flash units that can act as a Master, but I'm not sure if yours will.

As mentioned, the best solution is probably just to get another receiver for the trigger that you have.

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