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need help to identify the vintage leica cam

Usayit and a couple of the others here are the real Leica experts, but are you certain that's a Leica? The Cyrillic letters on the lens barrel tend to make me think it may be (the lens certainly is) one of the many Soviet clones (Zenit, Mir, Zorka, etc). I would suggest posting a few more images; full top, bottom, front, back and side views to allow for easier identification.
how can i fined out?
looks to be a Leica Standard Model E.

though you may want to watch out, not familiar with the lens on it. Almost looks like the russian fakes. Did you buy it from a reputable vendor?
no i got it from my grandma
on the middle dial there are some letters that says erngtLEITZ o.r.p dos it help?
so its a fake hah? well its still a rely a good looking cam :) is there any place that can fix the cam?
Looks like a Leica Model I....missing that one front piece....screw positions look right on for a Model I.

The Leica Model I | Crestock.com Blog

But "is it really a Leica???" PLease remove it from its case, and photograph the top deck...the lens is clearly not a Leitz, but does appear to be of at least roughly similar vintage as the body.
btw is it possible to fix it so i can use it?
Hmm, could this be a Leica I (C) ?
Very difficult to read the serial number on the top of the camera from your picture ... looks like someone tried to reveal it.

1930 Leica I (A)
the sn is 56481
wow THX for the fast work :) so is it fixable?

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