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May 5, 2006
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Vancouver, Canada
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I like to try to take nude photos of myself. How do i get the silhouette effect or the ones with the black background and the shadows? Is it all photoshop or the lighting or both?
I wanted to post a few photos of the effect that I like to achieve as an example but I wasn't sure if I could post other people's photos here.

You can post links to others' photos, but you might want to change the title to NWS (Not work safe).
I've been curious about trying to "hide the best parts" with shadows as well. A few girls have shown interest in these types of photos, and I'd love to do it for em...but I can'
That's correct. You can post links to other people's photos...but not directly post them. And if there is nudity, please post a warning.

As to your's all about the lighting...with maybe a bit of photoshop.
There isn't really any trick to that. To get a silhouette, you need to have a bright background and set your exposure for that. The model should have little or no light falling on the front of them. You can always use Photoshop to finish it up, if you can't get it perfect in-camera.

As for the 2nd one, that is soft (diffuse) lighting that is coming from above and slightly behind the subject. It looks like there may also have been some P.P. to make the skin look smooth.

What is P.P?

So how do i set the exposure for each one of them? Is the background really black or it's just dark?
Post Processing...(Photoshop)

You set the exposure based on the light levels that you have, and the exposure that you want. For this type of thing, you will probably want to avoid any of the 'auto' modes...and put the camera in manual mode.

The background doesn't have to be could be anything. But to get it to look dark/black on a need to make sure that it is getting less light than your subject. Again, you can use Photoshop to help you...but it's much better to get it right in the first place.

I suggest picking up a book or two on the topics of lighting and/or nude/figure photography.
something to think about is when you are exposing for you background light source that you could end up with seeing any details of the light source like the pattern of the curtains in the first link. Sometimes you can even see the lens of the light so make sure you test exposure before hand.
I will make a few attempts and I might even post them here for critiques:wink:
Well of course the ones that are not showing the good stuff!!
How do I avoid that? Specially because i don't have curtain in my place. I just have blinds!
What do you have for a light source(s)?
nothing professional! I was thinking normal lamp on stand! and maybe cover it with something to get the soft light!
Is that going to work?

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