need new lens and flash!

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by delizo23, Apr 21, 2008.

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    i have a question about a photoshoot im about to do..

    im taking portrait pictures of a couple at a park.
    and i have a rebel xti, but just the kit lens and no flash (noob). i have reflector, lens hood.

    i want to know what would be a good lens and flash for this type of photography?

    theres a catch tho: i also want to have a macro lens for the future.
    what is a good versatile lens that can be used for macro and portrait pictures. i want to take picture of little bugs eyeballs and stuff, haha.

    i know the flash depends on the lighting, sunny or cloudy, but i just want a good fast flash. i also breakdance and go to breakin events. so theres always poor lighting, i need something fast but emits a lot of light.

    maybe a picture of both a macro and portrait shot with the same lens would be cool...

    price limit, like 300 for flash. 500 for lens. plus or minus. i know what im asking for is expensive. and i usually do buy the more expensive one cuz i dont like living with regret.


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