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Jun 6, 2006
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Irvine KY
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Just went and bought a black sheet today. I've been using a white sheet only with my portraits so the black is a whole new ball game so to speak. I need some advice as how to make the portraits much nicer! This is my first attempt at it and I know they're far from perfect but I'd like some constructive criticism please! Thank you!



Did you do any post processing on these images?

#1 the kid's feet are choppy, specially his left one around the toes and right one around the heal.

#3 seems that the lights are way to hot, as he has hot spots on his head.

What kind of lighting setup do you have and what kind of gear are you using?
All I'm using is window light and a mirror. The window is on the side of his face that is "hot" .. the sun was a bit brighter than I needed it to be at that time. The mirror I use to bounce the light back on the other side of his face. Other than that, that's all I use besides my camera.
I'm wondering about the processing as well. The background is dark enough but the subject (cute kid) is too contrasty.

Also, you might not want the black fabric to be totally black, especially if the subject is sitting on it. It just makes it look like they are floating, or have been digitally cut out from another image.
What is it that's making him look like a doll? Especially the last one, seems that the smile is frozen forever.

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