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Mar 19, 2009
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Hello everyone I'm new to the forum I need some help replicating a shot I really like. I am taking a college level drawing class and I will be required to bring in a photo next week to draw. I would like to take a self portrait and make it look like this picture. I have a Sony cyber-shot dsc-f828 and have played around with the settings but I guess its the lighting that's really throwing me off. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated.

There are two strong lights located above, behind and to the sides of the subject's head. There is a front fill-in light, weaker than the two side lights.
The reason the shot looks like this is that the face is lit from below, which is a highly unnatural and unusual way for us to look at a human face-- almost all light comes from above. So if you're lacking the gear to make a 3 light shot that replicates this one entirely, a light below the face is a good place to start.
alright ill give it a try thanks

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