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Mar 19, 2009
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Harrisburg, PA
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I wish I didn't see number 2! It left me to my imagination on where that was taken at.
I feel like Scooter2525!
I also wish I did not know where you had found those scribblings and that sad face, the context shot is so not necessary here. Photo 1 as such is nice, though!

Photo 3 has no recognisable subject (well, none that I would recognise as one). And look how the light on the No Parking sign is precisely in the centre of your frame... I think some much more creative angles or points of view are necessary here to make this scene "speak".
The first picture is good. The other two are what I would call 'record shots.' They say that you were at a particular location -- nothing more.
The problem with the second and third images is that they do not have any point where the eye is drawn-- instead they have a lot of different things that could be points of visual interest, leaving the eye to bounce around the image and leave it.
Thanks for the input everyone.

I agree with everyone, ecspecially about the second shot. I was iffy about that one to begin with. Any ideas of what I could do in the future?

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