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Oct 29, 2007
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me and my girlfriend will be celebrating 2 years coming up in april and i need some ideas. i usually get her more romantic type gifts. now i just dont have any good ideas. id like to use pictures because we have yet to hang any pictures in our new home (really dont have that many good pictures of us - my fault im a bad subject!) i sort of outdid myself last christmas with a really nice mural of us, but now i find myself trying to play catch up to that gift. how would i even go about getting good shots of us without ruining the suprise??

anybody have any ideas of different things i can do? maybe some pictures to give me some inspiration? thanks in advance.

what i have to work with: digital wise its no dlsr, but an advanced point and shoot (nikon l100). i do have an slr film camera (eos rebel k2) which has abilities for long exposures, etc but it has seen limited use so im not super familiar with it.
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