Negative Cleaning


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Jul 7, 2003
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Portland OR USA
What do you use to clean negatives? I had a horrible dust problem tonight. I would brush and brush and brush, but I still ended up with white spots. The dust won't die!
here's the process i use:

- i first brush with anti-static brush
- hit each side with a dust spray
- use a lint free cloth if any stubborn particles remain
- place in negative carrier and curse quietly if i missed any
yep.... sounds about right to me. seems to work. I used to be lazy and not clean them.... not a good idea. dust, hairs, other.... look very bad on prints.
i use some special ilford neg cleaning chemicals (i'd give you the name but i cant remember) and neg cleaning tissues. neg holders are a must if you want to keep your negs clean. it all seems to work alright, but my major problem is scrathes, i guess im just not careful enough when enlarging!! :?

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