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Jan 28, 2006
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On sunday my neice and 2 nephews came around for a party so i got my camera out and thought i would take a few pictures and see what u think, i want to do the same again but with a plain white background and in black and white but i wanted to know what you thought :) thankyoou
Number one

Number Two

Number Three

Number Four (I know this one isnt centred or anything at all!)

Number Five

Number Six
You have done a good job of getting down to their level...which I think is important when photographing children.

They all seem to suffer from flat direct lighting from an on-camera flash. It also gives them red eye.

#4 is probably my favorite...probably because it isn't centered, although you did cut off part of a head on the left side.. Putting your subject right in the centre is often poor composition.

I think a backdrop would really help. There is a cluttered background in most of these...which tends to make they look more like snapshots than portraits.
Thanks for your comments they really helped a lot, Ive only just started getting into photography seriosuly soo im just experimenting with my camera and things at the moment soo maybe trying them with a plain back drop and Without the flash and putting some lights up?
There many many different ways to take can be complicated with lights and backdrops or it can be done with simple window light. Keep experimenting and reading up on it.

Here are a couple of baby shots I took last weekend. I used window light because it is a very soft and natural light. Looks much better than on-camera flash...don't' you think?
I still had a bit of a cluttered background...but I used a very shallow depth of field to blur out the background.

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