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Sep 22, 2007
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I just bought a D70 body as my own first DSLR. i have shot film and primarily use my mothers xti. Now i finally have a camera of my own. A sigma 70-300, nikkor af 28-80,50mm 1.8 prime, tripod, case and 4gb CF card are already in my collection. Now i have 200 to spend on photo equipment and am unsure what to get

im not sure what to get but i was thinking:

I wouldn't get another lens for <$200, anything besides the 50mm f/1.8 will be pretty bad quality.

The sb600 is great if you're shooting a lot of night time or indoor stuff- wayyyyyyy better than the on-camera flash. Get it! :)
Flash first. The 200 budget for now might not get you the lens (glass) you need. I started out with the D70 from film too and early on I made mistakes on settling on lenses that were lower quality (yet still Nikkor) lenses than I should have bought. I would have to say that I regret not saving for higher quality lenses from the start.

Either go for the flash (which is around 225 for the 600) or save like a maniac for the higher quality (2.8 or lower) lenses.
going to go with the flash. sb-600 and a diffuser. I seem to always be put into low light conditions so it should be a nice addition.

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