New Gear Day Yay!


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Sep 8, 2008
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I got a D40 last September, my first DSLR, curious about photography and wanting to get into it. Didn't really know if it was something I was going to pick up and enjoy so I really wasn't ready to jump in with both feet. For $450 I really couldn't go wrong.
Fast forward to now, i've definetly gotten into it and love it. Only problem is the D40 really was starting to hold me back. The lack of CLS capability, having to cycle through menu's to change things quickly for different shots, ISO sensitivity and image quality....all were starting to get annoying.
GF decided to buy my D40 and kit lens off of me for exactly what I paid for it, so long as I promised to show her how to use it before she went to Europe, so... I just went on a bit of a shopping spree today.


That's a gorilla pod for the flash and P+S on the left if you are wondering....
As for gear I already have; Sigma 10-20, Nikon 50mm 1.8, Nikon 18-55 kit lens (yes I have two....don't even ask me why :blushing:).
I'm charging up the batteries...already snapped the 50-200mm VR on the D40 just to take a few shots....holy hell I LOVE zoom, this is gonna be great for macro stuff.
I'm building a lightbox this weekend for ****s and giggles. Been reading through strobist and really want to learn how to light stuff. Figure its a good way to learn. Just need to figure out which are the best batteries to get for my flash. I have heard the cycle times on rechargeables aren't great, but I really dont want to have to buy batteries every 200 shots. Any tips.

Big thanks to Tolyk from on here he sorted me out for all my gear. :hug:: .........wait a sec.....that's not right. :thumbup:

Now in Typical TPF style, im gonna go snap a picture of a flower, a child and HDR the hell out of something so that it looks like a Warhol piece, then throw it all up on here for some 'First shots with a D90 C+C please!!!....all before I read the manual, check any settings, or have a damn clue how to use the thing. :lol::lol:
why do you have like 24 sd cards? lol

kidding. nice grab. have fun.
That's hilarious! You also have to make sure you take a picture of your dog laying on the floor for C&C!
gf is going to europe. There are 4 2GB cards along with 1 4GB card she already has. 10 weeks there, never want to run out of space.
He is eyeing his next camera, lol.

You should of told me, I just sold my D90 to upgrade to a D700.
was looking at getting the D300....but after much deliberation decided it might be overkill for my needs.
Stay tuned in 6 months for my "New gear just bought a D300" post.
finally got the D90 set up as a remote flash commander for the SB600. Did i mention again how much i love speedlights off of the camera? Good lord its fun.

Just been playing around the apartment with some stuff for fun. The possibilities are endless what you can do with lighting. I definetly see another speedlight being added to my collection in the near future haha

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