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Dec 19, 2015
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New London, CT
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Pretty new to photography -- shooting with an SL1 with a couple of prime lenses for the most part, trying to learn about composition, exposure, and some post-processing techniques. I initially bought my camera to take pictures of my daughter and our family. I'll take any constructive criticism you all have for me. These are just a few of my favorites from the past few months.




Suggest you change your edit tag (Photos OK to edit) you'll get more feedback if you let people show you.

Done! Thanks for the suggestion.
Really nice start! I'll just point out a few things that most of the veteran shooters here will point out:
1) nice light but seems a little dark, composition isn't quite there. The white post on the left really draws the eye away from the building. Moving to the right a bit could have taken that and the people out of the corner.

2) Cute kid! You clipped the L hand and have some tilt to it. Backing up another couple inches would help. Also warming up the skin tones can get rid of some of that bluish tinge.

3) Nice colors but there just isn't much of interest here.

4) Great colors, great DOF. It does feel a little cramped so another where I'd back up just a touch.

Keep shooting and posting. You've got an excellent start. We all are learning still and some of the great feedback you'll get on this site will really help propel your skills. Thanks for sharing!

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