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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by darich, Mar 31, 2007.

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    I just ordered a Tamron 17-35mm f2.8-4 lens for my Canon 5D.
    I missed the 10-22mm focal range i used to have with the EF-S lens and my 20D so I've decided another lens is required.
    Hope it's as good as i think it is and i'm looking forward to posting some (hopefully) good images!

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    I just got the same lens this week. Optical performance is excellent, when it's focused correctly...

    ... and now this thread is officially hijacked... :D

    ... I'm finding my Tamron has a very noticeable back focus problem. I focus on a subject, and yet the subject is not in focus, while the area just behind it is. I can't tell from looking through a tiny dSLR viewfinder - but I can tell from the images, most noticeably when shooting at shorter focal lengths, wide-open and at short distances.

    Not wanting to blame the lens for what might simply be "operator error", I used the lens for "real world" shots for a day as well as some more controlled test shots. It's definitely not me. Also I can rule out the camera, since I have never had this problem with other lenses, including equally wide ones.

    I find I can get more acceptable focus quite often at 35mm. Anything below that and it's no good. There is a sort of workaround, in that I can focus at 35mm and then zoom out to 17mm or whatever focal length I want, which produces better results than focusing at that shorter focal length. But obviously this isn't ideal, doesn't always work and the focus still isn't quite right. I can still return the lens for a refund, but unfortunately can't exchange it for another (it was bought on special offer and the shop has no more). So either I return it for a refund or hope that Tamron's services people can do something with it. I'd rather not do the former, since it obviously has the potential to be very good.

    So basically I'm wondering if anyone with this lens has had a similar problem. I have read some reviews mentioning copies of this lens having front focus issues, but mine is back focusing. Anyway I seem to remember a couple of other users here have or have had the same lens, so thought it might be worth asking. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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